eOperate Portal:

The super simple way to manage your own charging stations

Two men looking at a screen: with eOperate you can manage and control charging processes.

How many of your charging stations are currently in use? Which stations are soon going to be due for maintenance? What’s the busiest day of the week for charging? You can keep track of all these indicators with the new eOperate Portal, which allows you to check what’s going on with your charging points in real time.

The eOperate Portal is the all-in-one solution for easy and efficient charging station operation and management. The new cloud solution already helps to run more than 13,000 intelligently connected charging points, processing 100,000 charges a month. Each month, customers use the eOperate Portal to meet more than 1.3 GWh of charging energy demand.

eOperate offers all the features you need for your charging stations.

Standard features

  • Manage your own charging stations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Hotline
  • OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) support – enabling communication between hardware (including hardware owned by third parties) and our eOperate system
  • Billing compliant with German metering and calibration law

The new eOperate Portal – now with even more features

  • Charging station marketing using the eMarketplace – use the eMarketplace to make your charging infrastructure accessible to a broad customer base. We’ll make sure that you can offer your charging services to as many customers as possible with eOperate, including the eMarketplace.
  • Integrated roaming interfaces – take advantage of our roaming network right from day one. With eOperate, you can let other providers’ customers charge their vehicles at your stations while benefiting from each charge.
  • Flexible rate structuring.
  • Contract management.
  • Authorization management – free choice over who receives specific charging infrastructure permissions. Decide who is and isn’t allowed to charge their vehicle using your infrastructure.
  • Sales promotion management.
  • Operating hours management.
  • Dynamic load management – you can use our intelligent load management service to set the right amount of energy at the appropriate time in the portal, then view the results in real time.
  • Location and user management – as the admin, you can manage your employees and other portal users by assigning suitable roles and permissions (e.g., to hotline staff, charging station operators, or supplier managers).
  • eCharge+ app, including customer branding.

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